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Storms wreak havoc on homes, especially roofing systems. If you’re in the market for storm damage roof repair, it’s important to remember that quality should always be prioritized.

When it comes to storm damage roof repair, cutting corners never pays off. By choosing a reputable and experienced roofing contractor who values quality materials and craftsmanship above all else, you’ll ensure that your home is protected against future storms and other weather-related events. Don’t settle for subpar workmanship or low-quality materials just to save a few dollars upfront – invest in your home’s safety and longevity by choosing Quality Over Quantity Everytime.

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Types of Damage: Snow Wind Hail Water


Southeast Michigan gets copious snowfall in the winter, so a roof can be significantly affected. Heavy amounts of snow and heavy ice can damage roof materials and cause subsequent leaks and water damage. Snow accumulation on your roof can also lead to ice dams, ridges of ice that form at the edge of a roof and prevent melted snow from draining.

As temperatures go up and down, this melting and refreezing of your roof is absolutely horrendous. The water will melt into the crevices and cracks in your roof and expand as it refreezes, enlarging the tiny holes and tears. Imagine this happening over and over throughout the winter season and getting crushed by a flooding as the weather warms up.


Wind damage to roofs can be a serious problem for homeowners. Strong winds can cause shingles to lift or tear off, which leaves your home’s roof exposed to further damage from rain, snow, and debris. This type of damage is particularly common in areas with high wind speeds or frequent storms.

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by wind, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. We can inspect the area and assess the extent of the damage. They may recommend repairs or replacement depending on the severity of the issue.

In some cases, insurance may cover wind damage to your roof. It’s important to check your policy and speak with your insurance company if you believe you have a claim. By addressing wind damage promptly and working with us, trusted professionals, you can ensure that your home remains safe and secure for years to come.


Hail is among the most frequent sources of damage done to homes and roofs and can cause a variety of performance issues. Storm damage to shingles can lead to cycles of dents or soft spots that may not be visible to the naked eye and could be easily overlooked. Wind may blow hard granules to the top portion of a shingle, leaving vulnerable layers underneath exposed.

The subsequently exposed spots may then be vulnerable to precipitation and to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can make these areas brittle and susceptible to leaks.


Excessive rain can often damage your roof, particularly if your home is poorly designed or poorly installed. High rainfall can cause shingles to loosen or break apart, creating holes in your roof through which water may begin to sneak in.

As soon as you have water on your roof, you’re looking at a large issue. Water can enter, and it will result in damage and leaks on your entire roofing system.

BEWARE of Storm Chasers!

What is a storm chaser?

“Storm chasers” are contractors that are not locale and travel to places with recent significant storms to "chase" business. Unfortunately, the exploit residents more than they help. How? They sometimes manipulate homeowners by offering to pay the deductible for the insurance to seal a "deal." But their aim is to do a cheap quick job so they can continue to the next job, instead of ensuring their is not underlying issues needing to be solved. This can create a mess for you, the homeowner, as your roof may only last a few years if the underlying issues were not addressed. And forget accountability. They aren't local and available to be accountable! Even worse, some of them will take the money and never perform the work. Be incredibly cautious here! Trust your local roofer, Quality Over Quanitity Everytime!

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