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Roofing Services

  • Roof replacement is a major undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning. It is important to choose qualified professionals to ensure that your roofing system is installed correctly, using the highest quality materials. That’s where we come in!
  • When replacing your roof, consider factors such as the climate in which you live, the type of structure in which you reside, and the overall budget for the project. Additionally, you should always review local building codes to make sure your new roof will meet all safety requirements before construction begins.
  • If done properly with quality materials and professional installation, a well-built roof can provide protection from the elements for years to come! With careful assessment of your needs and diligent research into qualified service providers, you can be sure you are making an informed decision when deciding on a roof replacement project. Call us today!

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Replacement VS Re-Roof

Roof Replacement

A roof replacement involves stripping back and exposing the substructure of your roof, so that the proper roof materials of your choice can be installed. This results in a new roof for your home. 

  • Likely lasts longer than re-roof
  • Not limited to only asphalt shingles
  • Shows any hidden issues, so as to address all your roofing needs at once, which saves YOU money!
  • Higher immediate price point (apply for financing!)


Re-roofing is a cost effective way to repair your home if you have a roof with asphalt shingles, also called composition shingles. This option isn’t available for flat roofs or metal roofs.

Re-roofing is a way to repair your asphalt shingles roof that is cost effective, but may not last or solve any deeper structural issues. 

This process involves adding a new layer of asphalt shingles on top of what is existing on your roof at that time. This can help refresh the appearance of your roof, and can add a layer of protection for leak protection. Re-roofing can only happen one time due to the building codes of your area. A roof replacement might be a more cost effective answer. Consult with us to help you find the best answer for your roof repair needs!

  • Cheaper immediate option if replacement is not necessary 
  • Might not last as long as a replacement which could last 20 years
  • Only recommended for Asphalt shingles
  • May not solves an hidden damages or problems
  • May not reveal any structural issues such as sagging, rotting, structural damage
  • Due to building code prohibitions in many areas, re-roofing is only allowed once


What better way to update and protect your home than getting a new roof installation to protect your home or add curb appeal for selling! Here is a timeline of events you need to know in expectation of your new roof installation.

Before, During, and After Your New Roof Installation

Within the week of your new installation:

  • One to two days prior to the start of your new residential roofing project, a dumpster will be delivered to your home.
  • Your new asphalt shingles will be delivered to your home a few days prior to the start of your project. These are placed on your roof or in your driveway.

Important! Ask Quality Over Quantity Everytime when to expect delivery so you can prepare your driveway and ensure you are home to receive delivery.

During the Roof Installation

  • Expect to hear loud noises like hammering and people walking on the roof, otherwise, it is not an invasive project. Your roofers will be tearing off and replacing old shingles and rotting wood/decking.
  • Please consider the needs of your pets during the installation, speak with us with any concerns you may have during time of installation.
  • Any valuable items on your lawn or within your garden will be fully protected.
  • We will communicate with you the need for gate access as necessary.
  • Any special requests will be handled through communication with our team.

Important! Our team will communicate with you to clarify whether you would like us to cover your flower beds/shrubbery or if you would like to do that yourself.

LAST DAY / Project Completion

  • A final inspection/walk through will be performed with you to ensure job completion and satisfaction.
  • A final inspection for any loose debris or nails throughout your yard will be performed.

Important! Communicate with us any concerns you have regarding any phase of this process so we can set clear expectations with you to relieve any concerns!

Post Completion (within a few days after your project completion)

  • Dumpster removal.
  • Any post project concerns or details can be addressed with you.



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